20 November 2008

FT817 keypad - automatic whistle

Two more functions have been tested:
- up/down scan (mimics microphone up/dn buttons), with stop too
- "quick tune" for automatic antenna tuners

The up/down scan allows you to scan through the band at the normal scan speed. Takes two buttons, and a third if you also want a "stop" control. Otherwise scanning can be halted with a quick PTT press, or a touch on the morse key.

The "quick tune" sets the mode in FM and keys the PTT for 5 seconds (need more? need less? no problem!), then returns to receive in the original mode. With this function you must take care of the output power level and antenna choice (front/rear) in order to preserve your RF finals' health. No more no less how you'd do it by hand. This function can be assigned to a key or, for safety reasons, to a submenu (ie. within presets or mode combinations).

These two functions can be loaded on customized firmware and replace other functions: you still have got 16 keys and 2k limit on the program!