02 May 2008

Additions to my SW30+

This is a brainstorming reminder, so that I won't forget to add useful modules to my SW30+, when it arrives.
  • improved polarity reversal protection (bypass D13)
  • keyer, using SKC and an additional 78L05
  • integrated LED frequency counter (with on/off switch)
  • integrated LED SWR bridge
  • integrated antenna tuner (z-match or L-network?)
  • output power pot
  • vernier reduction tuning pot
  • trail-friendly box
So, on the front/top panel there will be:
  • tuning pot
  • RF gain control
  • keyer button
  • counter's LED and switch
  • power switch
And on the back panel:
  • antenna BNC connector
  • power plug
Location TBD:
  • key, probably on the LHS
  • headphones, probably on the RHS

I keep on dreaming...

1 comment:

Paolo said...

Update on the tuner. To keep things light and simple I'll include a tuner for End Fed Half Wave antenna, with a switch to a more common 50 ohm output.

That tuner is just a transformer with a variable capacitor, and a T50-2 toroid will do.