14 April 2008

VCR Power Supply

While the shack is still a "work in progress", I disassembled a working (electrically) Philips VR301 3-head VCR. It still was a 98% through-hole device, and it shows A LOT of molded inductors.

The power supply caught my attention. It is in a shielded box, relatively compact and has many unmarked output wires. It might work as a bench lab supply, so I checked unloaded voltages.

On one line it has:
  • +5.35V
  • +13.7V
  • -22V
On the second line:
  • +5.25V
  • +10.7V
  • +24V
I had hoped for a dual +/-5V or +/-9V, but I got instead a nice +24V for driving a varicap diode.

I wonder how much current each line can source. That's for the next experiment. One day...