28 March 2007

It did stop raining

Magically it stopped raining for a while, when I was home alone. So I quickly assembled the antenna, laid it on the kitchen table, connected the trusty MFJ259 and measured resonance at 142 MHz. Better to try it outside.
I moved on the balcony and using the ceiling hook I hanged the full antenna. Two ropes were holding it pseudo-horizontally; half antenna was outside, half inside...

Altought not perfect, the resonance moved up into HAM 2m band:

Hopefully in more clear space the impedance will get even closer to 50 ohm. In the evening I tightened nuts and bolts of each element.

Left to be done:
  • mark elements and respective boom position, probably with colored PVC tape for fast visual recognition
  • attach the BNC connector to the dipole box
  • find out how to connect the boom to a fiberglass mast